Transform Your Concept2.

Make Rowing Fun.

myrow upgrades your Concept2 machine to create a more motivating, enjoyable and productive workout experience.

myrow Overview

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No More Boring. Make Rowing Fun

What you've been waiting for!

22” full-color, HD, premium touchscreen tablet is designed to easily and seamlessly attach to your Concept2 and PM5 monitor. It will feel like it always belonged there.

No more squinting, no more confusion. Setup is simple - can be done in minutes with no professional help.

On-Demand Workout Library and Much More

Do you want simple, easy to follow-along workouts?

Advanced classes? Training plans?

Your tablet comes pre-loaded with many workout options, including coach-led videos with streamed pop music, preset workouts and training plans, and a constantly growing library.

On-demand classes from experts like Shane Farmer (Dark Horse Rowing), Tom Miazga (champion adaptive athlete), and Kate Knifton (member of the US 2024 Olympic team).

Workouts designed for ALL levels and backgrounds, from beginner to advanced, as well as mobility-challenged and adaptive athletes, and workouts tailored to those with neuro-cognitive and neuro-degenerative conditions.

Design your own workouts, and take Concept2’s “Workout of The Day” right from the myrow tablet.

Upgraded Data And Analytics

myrow gives you both more data and more meaningful data to help you improve and track your performance.

See all of your metrics and analytics, all in one place.

Get enhanced real-time workout data, historical workout data, graphs, and Ideal Force Curve comparisons to help you hit your goals faster.

Sync with Concept2’s Online Logbook directly from our tablet.

Row With Your Friends

Make it a rowfest!

You can create or select workouts and row them with your friends.

Invite your friends with myrow tablets to a friendly group row, or a race if you’re feeling competitive - they’re easy to setup and schedule in advance.

Synchronize your myrow calendar with IOS, Outlook or Gmail to make sure you stay on track.


Kevin M.

Clear instructions, high quality hardware and monitor, and a great setup video. A very professional product that is easy to install. Everything has been carefully thought through, from the written instructions, the short clear installation video, to the user interface.

Michael E.

THIS is exactly what I've wanted since purchasing my rower years ago. While the PM5 is nice, I've always wanted to follow along with workouts without having to balance my iPad in some awkward position. Having this screen integrated into the rower is a game changer, and I'm looking forward to more workouts!

Lisa L.

I'm really really falling in love with my rower again - not just using it as a workout tool, but really ENJOYING the workout. I just love it - this is exactly what my Concept2 needed.

Jane D.

Now that I have myrow, I can't imagine using my Concept2 without it.

Marshall M.

I had one consistent got more out of me (effort, meters rowed, mental engagement) than I have ever gotten on my own...having a class to follow, having a group row race, having a pre-programmed workout, having a community adds depth and variety to the rowing experience.

Mike M.

I think the product is stellar. The screen is amazing. The setup was super smooth. The workouts are a blast. The display of data is second to none.

Katherine J.

Growing as a rower

I started messing around with the erg in my 30s after running/ cycling/swimming earlier in life. Then I found some studio classes (RIP Row Studio Houston!), bought my own Erg, and have been hooked - but feel like I'm growing in my Erg skills with the myrow classes in a way I haven't so far… it's giving tips and skills that I haven't been exposed to before - that's the reason for the 5th star.

Danika H.

For me, this is the greatest upgrade that I could ever get. It fills the gap between the Concept2 and other rowers. I was very impressed by the screen size and the metrics with the ability to review historical data in depth. I also really liked the direct connection to download the Concept2 WOD. This is a big time saver if you want to just jump on the machine.

Niel R.

I loved it. Both of my boys really loved it as well...they would usually get bored after a few minutes on the rower but the video sessions lead by Shane had them pumped and wanting to go the distance. I had a few things come up personally that lead to a slow start but then really got into it. I would definitely be interested in subscribing and look forward to more videos from Shane, Isa and anyone else. myrow takes the erg to the next level. Great job.

Compatible with Concept2 rowing machines equipped with a PM5.

myrow works with any Concept2 that has a PM5 & is a model C or later.

Not sure your Concept2 is compatible?

Installation and Storage

myrow sets up in minutes without the need for any professional help



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