Custom Workouts: create a workout that's only limited by your imagination

"When creating a custom workout using variable intervals, I was very pleased to see how easy it was to accomplish. All of the Ergdata (the C2 app) functionality was there. So easy to program and edit. Big congrats!"

- Kevin M.

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We've Made It Easy For You

Liberate yourself from the PM5. With myrow, you can quickly create custom workouts. Duplicate intervals or reorder them. Set rest periods if you want them. And if you're doing a circuit workout, your Undefined Rest intervals are not limited to the 10 minutes offered on the PM5.

Get Creative

You can set intervals based on distance, time or calories. At your option, set target stroke rate, pace or heart rate zone for each interval. Have a preferred benchmark pace? Just choose it from the dropdown.

Workout Image
Workout Image

Effortless Stroke Rate Consistency with Stroke Rate Loops

Many rowers find it challenging to maintain a consistent stroke rate. Problem solved - swipe to the left and follow a coach rowing at your target stroke rate during your workout; as your targets change through various intervals so does the coach's rate.

Upgrade your Concept2 and order myrow today.