On-demand classes

  • Large library of on-demand classes from our expert instructors
  • Classes designed from beginner to advanced
  • Classes range from a short 5 minute workout to over 60 minutes
  • Classes for adaptive athletes
  • Leaderboard to compare to others or yourself from previous rows
  • Streaming pop music

"Love having Isa as the rower to follow...her technique is impeccable and smooth even at higher rates"

- Kelly B.

Watch a preview of some of our classes

Shane Farmer

Isa Darvin

Chelsea Moore

Tom Miazga

Meet A Few Of Your Coaches

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Improve your form.

Optimize your workout.

Maximize your fun.

Rowing is a learned movement and improper technique is common, even among people who have been rowing for years. Work with expert coaches to improve your technique and experience the full body workout that rowing can deliver

Something for Everyone


Just started rowing? Our coaches help you develop proper technique and form to accelerate your progress, without risking injury. And we have how-to videos to help get you started.

On/Off The Rower

Use rowing as part of a circuit workout? We have classes for you. Want to mix in some floor work with your rowing? We have classes for that, too.

Intensity Levels - Your Choice

We have many options to go at your desired level of intensity, with workouts guided via stroke rate RPE (rate of prceived exertion), FTP, Heart Rate Zone, Calories.

Pilates & Stretching

Want some additional warm-up or cool-down time? Or would like to bring your attention to mobility or dynamic stretching? We have you covered.

FTP Zones

FTP (functional threshold power) zones are a great way to improve both aerobic and anerobic fitness by working in zones that reflect your individual fitness profile. Originally designed for cycling, myrow has brought it to rowing.

Adaptive Athlete

Champion adaptive athlete Tom Miazga, a former US Paralympic Swimmer and member of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Team, leads our adaptive series of workouts. Whether you’re an adaptive athlete or just mobility-challenged, you can get a great workout with myrow.

Neuro-Cognitive Impaired

John Breen leads our neuro-cognitive disorder and neuro-degenerative workouts, which include workouts for those with spectrum disorders, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and ALS.

Technique Videos

The importance of correct technique can’t be overstated, and even pros have blind spots. Although technique is covered in all of our classes, we also have technique-specific ones.

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