Keep your rowing workout fresh with a large selection of Preset workouts

"Excellent workout! What a great format. Longer than I am used to but it was a great design. The rests were plenty sufficient. The loop rate video helped immensely. Well done."

- John A.

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Don't Limit Yourself To The Same Workout

myrow includes a large preset workout library with a variety of workout types, lengths and intensities. Choose your preferred format of distance, time or calories. Workout options include intervals, heart rate zone, recovery, RPE (rate of perceived exertion). Take Concept2's Workout of the Day right from here!

Training Plans To Achieve Your Goals

Whether you are training to achieve a PR on your 2k or just trying to shave an extra pound, myrow has training plans to help your achieve your goals.

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Effortless Stroke Rate Consistency with Stroke Rate Loops

Many rowers find it challenging to maintain a consistent stroke rate. Problem solved - swipe to the left and follow a coach rowing to the designated target stroke rates of the workout. When the target changes so does the coach's rate.

Upgrade your Concept2 and order myrow today.